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last night at 1:37am there was an magnitude 5.7 earthquake 165 miles southwest of lisbon. it didn’t wake me up, but it woke up e, who then woke me up. i just felt the end of it which was like a bus driving down the street, and i could see the old tv antennas out the window wiggling. there was no damage reported from the earthquake.

LX factory

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last weekend we went to see a poster show at a place called the LX factory, (which is pronounced el sheesh factory, x=sheesh in portuguese). i thought the LX factory was a club/music venue, but it turns out that it’s an old industrial site under the ponte 25 de abril (golden gate bridge) that now houses creative firms, shops, cafes, events and work spaces. one of the coolest shops there is a bookstore called ler devegar (read slowly). it’s a big lofted space with a huge printing press on the second floor that has a cafe built in and around it.


here are some photos from the LX factory and our walk there.

extra credit

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the work permit for e was finally finished today so i went with her to the university to pick it up. she met her supervisor for the first time and he invited us to go to a lecture so she could meet some coworkers.

the topic of the lecture was the recent italian earthquake which was fine. the subject was structural engineering, which was probably ok, but it was all in portuguese. all i got was “facade”. oh, and the only free seats were in the front row.

on an unrelated note we made a friend. he was working at a clothing store and wearing a tshirt that had the space needle on it. he was also listening to reggie watts and after talking w/ him we found out that his favorite band was maktub from seattle.

we’re off to the beach tomorrow, it’s supposed to be around 90 again.