no thanks

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so this old (maybe blind) portuguese woman was making her way through the subway car begging for money. of course she was going to make a pit stop at me (maybe she wasn’t blind?). when she came up behind me and rattled a cup while speaking jibberish (portuguese) i said:

“nao, obrigado”

“nao, obrigado” means no thanks. 

i said this more than one time. 

(what i meant to say was “no, sorry”)


(the photo above is not related… its just a interesting car w/ tiles behind it)

turn right – 200 meters

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this weekend we rented a car. we can’t buy one yet because our visas are not completed, so we rented one to explore outside of town. our original plan was to check sintra which is west of town and involves no bridges, but we missed a turn and ended up on the 25th de abril bridge*, so we went with it and explored south. (*the bridge looks a lot like the golden gate bridge)

we drove about 15 min and arrived in costa da caparica which is a beach town with a california/europe feel. there’s a new eurostyle boardwalk with prefab structures that house restaurants and bars, apartments and hotels in view of the beach and at the end of the boardwalk there is a little train, like the ones kids would would ride in a zoo, that travels 10 km farther down the beach. we’ll check that out later. beach-prefab


we drove back to our apt in lisbon and got a parking spot on the street. then we realized that without a neighborhood resident sticker  you can only park on the street by plugging the meter in 4 hour increments, and the meters have to be paid until 3am. sunday is the only day where meters are free. so, it’ll be almost impossible to park a rented car on the street in lisbon.


this might be a bit boring for most people, but a handful of friends will be happy to know that while we were at the beach on saturday i did some shopping and found a board. so sunday morning we went back to the beach and i finally had a chance to get in the water here. the water here is pretty warm right now, my 4/3 suit was a little too hot, and no gloves were necessary.  this is where we were. it’s a beach break, and the waves were pretty mushy, but it was still fun. i can imagine that in the winter it can get pretty big since it’s pretty exposed and a pretty steep sand bar. another thing, boogie boarding is apparently cool here. there are a ton of people out in the water doing it. and not just the little kids 3 feet from the edge of the water. 

one last thing. driving in lisbon without a gps would be nearly impossible. i don’t know how people did it 5 years ago. there are no street signs naming the streets, just little marble bricks with engravings on the corner of the buildings. you have to be standing right below them on the sidewalk to read them. i had never driven with a gps before but it will prove to be crucial here until i really know my way around. 

tomorrow is the first day of work for e, and my first day of school.

summer school

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today i signed up for  a 1 month intensive portuguese course that meets everyday for 2 hours. i’ll need a new trapper keeper for sure. it starts on monday.

also, according to the sweater that i tried on today i’m a size large here, and my arms are extra large because the sleeves were still too short.

sumo de laranja

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every restaurant, coffee, and pastry shop here in lisbon does fresh squeezed orange juice. even the subway type sandwich shops have fresh orange juice. it’s muito bem (very good).

the weather has cooled off here. last week it was around 95, but today it’s around 78. apparently that was strange weather and it usually only gets in the 90′s during august. 


our temporary apartment is working out well with the exception of a complete lack of parking and the nonstop partying that occurs on the streets below our windows. the noise is much easier to tolerate if you participate in it, but the lack of parking has prevented us from getting a car which has put a serious cramp in my potential surfing schedule.

we have been spending most days walking our feet off exploring the city to find a neighborhood that suits us best. then when it’s time to eat we try to stay diversified. so far we have had portuguese, italian, moroccan, and indian. the portuguese cuisine is fish, fish, meat, meat, and one of their 2 national beers that taste exactly the same (heineken-ish), or some very affordable (and good) wine.