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in autumn, lisbon is littered with vendors selling roasted chestnuts (castanhas). they are warm, slightly sweet, the shells are covered in ash, and real tasty. the chestnut roasters are easy to find because of the smoke signals that their carts produce.  my favorite carts are these self sufficient hybrid half motorcycle half chestnut roasting machines. i’m surprised they don’t grill fish this way.

new york

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on our trip back to the U.S.A we spent some time in new york. since we had been in portugal for about 5 months, cobble stones, narrow streets, and foreign vocabulary became our norm, so it was fun to visit a familiar place with fresh eyes.

here are some photos taken while in ny.

the portuguese definitely don’t stack their cars 4 high.

I’m back

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I’m back and official. today i finally got my portuguese residence card. which means that we will never have to go back to the immigration office ever again (i hope). don’t worry, it didn’t just show up in the mail like it was supposed to, it was returned to sender. so i had to call the immigration office to make an appointment to see where my card was. but that’s not all: no one there speaks english, and speaking portuguese on the telephone without the aid of hand gestures and looks of confusion is pretty much impossible. so i had to have a portuguese friend call and talk to the office for me. he even offered to go with me to help translate. so today we went, checked in, took a number, waited for 2 hours, and then finally our number was called. we walked up to the desk and i threw down my most used phrase: “fala ingles?”,  the woman replied with a confident “yes”. this was the first time in the history of immigration office slogs that anyone there spoke english at all, let alone a “yes”. so i told her what happened and she came back 2 minutes later with my ticket to portuguese success.

other notables since my last update: we had some visitors (eric’s photos), ate more fish, came really close to buying a car, finished our portuguese classes, helped install a wood floor in a friend’s clothing shop, and most recently we took a trip back to America to visit family. now we’re back, portuguese style.

ok bye