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after a year of living in europe we finally took the obvious trip to london. it was my first time, and london welcomed us with 78º and sun for 3 days. it must have been the first warm days there because everyone was out getting their burn on. this was also my first time navigating left side of the road driving as a pedestrian. it turns out that about 30 years of looking left and then right before crossing the street is pretty hard to undo, and i feel like we are lucky to have made it out of there without getting hit, and when jaywalking i might as well have closed my eyes, because by the time i was in the middle of the street a car/bus/bike had appeared out of nowhere.

we tried to see it all, but didn’t even come close so i guess we’ll have to go back again someday. highlights included indian food, indian food, indian food, abundance of stuff (ie shopping), english pubs (more than super bock), english speaking (i know a lot of words), the tate (museum), and the front seat on the second story of the bus.

here are some photos from our trip.

more morocco

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Marrakech Morocco from mattquann on Vimeo.

here is a video from our trip to morocco.

*one of the snake charmer guys saw me getting ready to take a photo and ran straight over to me to aggressively demand money. he even made me scroll through my photos to prove that i hadn’t taken one yet. the previous day i had seen one of the snake handlers go into the crowd with his snake to threaten someone. after we paid him he allowed me 1 photo… he obviously didn’t know that i was shooting video. the snakes were not my favorite part.


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the pope (papa) is in lisbon today, and i couldn’t resist getting a glimpse of him in his special automobile.

it’s been a big week here in lisbon, first with benfica (a super popular soccer team) winning the national championship, thus igniting giant street parties, and now with the pope coming to town. i bet he’ll eat a pastel de nata.


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this key is to our our apartment. it’s huge, and not for show. everyone in portugal has these giant medieval keys. i’m used to it now, but when i look at it it’s pretty ridiculous. it’s like a key for a dungeon.