madrid part 2

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the reason we went to madrid was to obtain e’s visa from the embassy, so on monday morning we got up early and arrived at the portuguese embassy at 8:30 am, 30 mins before they open (we were the 2nd people there). At 9:20 they called us up to the desk, e gave them her passport and photo, then they told us it would take an hour or two to print the visa and we should come back at 11 to pick it up. so we left, came back at 10:45 and checked in with them. they told us (in Portuguese, because no one at the office speaks english) that it will be a bit longer. so we wait. we check in some more. we wait some more and then we find out that the machine is broken and they are trying to fix it. I’m guessing that they are talking about the printer. we start to worry because the office is closing soon (at 2pm) and we have to go to the airport to fly back to lisbon later in the day.

finally we ask if they can do it by hand and the woman that works there, who is the meanest person in the world, goes back into their magic room and comes out with e’s passport and the visa filled out by hand and stamped. perfect, except they spelled her name wrong, only allowed her 2 entries into the country, and issued the visa for 120 days instead of one year. so now we are on the plane flying back to Lisbon with a visa. We are going to try to get the details straightened out in lisbon.

madrid is a really nice city though.

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