visa success

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i haven’t written much about the process of getting a visa/residence card here, but it’s safe to say that gathering documents, visiting government buildings, taking numbers, and speaking very broken portuguese with government workers has been our biggest pastime since we started the ball rolling the day we arrived here in lisbon. e’s residence card is “being processed” and i can’t start the process of getting mine until she receives hers in the mail which will be in 1 or 2 months. so, since US citizens can only stay in eu countries for 90 days without a visa, i had to get a visa to extend my legal stay here in order to apply for my residence card once e’s arrives in the mail. i’m happy to report that i was able to get a 90 day visa on the first try. that kind of first try success is a first for us. ( usually it takes at least 2 tries to have any sort of minor success at the immigration offices.)

also, everyone in lisbon is gone this month for vacation. all of august the city has been deserted with the exception of the spanish and french tourists that are spending their holiday in portugal. it’s like europe plays musical chairs the month of august and switches countries with their neighbors. the only people that are still here seem to be the old people. they just hang out in the park. fat monster grandpa and skinny mini grandpa in the photo below provided hours of laughs. they just sat there… extra close. they could have had some room between them, but they chose to sit real close.


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