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for the past month there have been posters up around the city promoting a monster truck show. yesterday we were exploring a different part of lisbon (LX factory, more on that later) and we kept hearing loud engine sounds. i wanted to see what it was, but we were at the LX factory to see a poster exhibit, so we wandered around for an hour and then finally found the exhibit on the 3rd floor of a building there. once we were on the 3rd floor we could see the monster truck show.

i’ve only been to 1 monster truck show, i was about 9, i was in mississippi, and bigfoot was the big attraction. the monster truck show here in lisbon looked a little amateurish compared to what i remember, and judging by the empty seats i’d say that it’s not too popular either.

last night it got down to 1 degree. that’s just above freezing, and i’m pretty sure our apt was only in the 40′s this morning, and this morning while i was reading an article about the cold weather in the portuguese news i read this (translated):

“The ANPC also advises the use of several layers of clothing, which should not be very fair, not to perform intense physical activities and contact 112 immediately for signs of hypothermia.”

not to perform intense physical activities? it got up to about 50 degrees here today. i agree that it’s cold at night, but avoid exercise? i’m surprised later in the article it didn’t say, “smoke a cigarette when you start to feel cold”.

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  1. 1 Marty said at 9:40 am on December 29th, 2009:

    Thought monster trucks was just a US thing…and maybe it is from the looks of the sparse crowd….LX factory seems cool, though.

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