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casa da musica

two weekends ago we went to porto with some friends. it’s where they makeĀ port wine. porto is the 2nd largest city in portugal, and from what we saw it looks like it has hit some hard times. there are loads of large ornate buildings that are abandoned with broken windows, boarded up, and dirty. it seems like maybe 50 or 80 years ago porto was really on it. as with all large portuguese cities it’s got some really cool modern stuff too. the metro is clean and new, they have high speed train access to lisbon, and there is a concert hall designed by rem koolhaas called casa da musica. rem koolhaas also designed a spaceship-like library in seattle so it was cool to see another building in the same style, and after seeing both, i think that casa da musica is better.

here are some photos from our trip.

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