serra da estrela

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serra da estrela

last weekend we finally went to visit “the mountains” in portugal. the region is called serra da estrela and it’s a 3.5 hour drive from lisbon. at the highest point there is a ski area (300 vertical feet)¬†which we opted out of since it’s about the same size as the ski hill i grew up on in wisconsin.

the region is known for its cheese (which is good), its wool (the shepherds look ancient w/ wool capes and staffs), its hills (which have trails that are hardly marked, and no portuguese explore), and its villages (which are really nice and still have the flavor of how things used to be here). they also have these face eater dogs that are from the region, and when you come upon one while hiking they go nuts and sound like they want to eat my entire face off. luckily they were all behind fences.

here are photos from our trip.

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