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2 weeks ago we went to zurich switzerland. zurich is the opposite of lisbon. it’s extremely clean, people park only in giant designated parking spaces, there are these decorative fountains everywhere that have drinking water coming out of them, and you get the idea that things generally work as published. zurich is also the most expensive place i’ve ever been to. i guess it’s all of the secret bank accounts leaking into everyone’s pockets. i had a glass of tap water that cost $4.50.

Anyway, zurich is a really cool place, with a lake right in the middle of the city, huge parks that border the city that are accessible by train and tram, and in the parks they have mtn bike trails, hiking trails, hot chocolate huts, and we even found ourselves walking up a sledding run (it had just snowed). when we got to the top we saw the sign, and it said that it was a 3.1km sledding run! 3kms of sledding? that’s pro sledding, and to get to the top you just take a train.

switzerland also has chocolate. really good chocolate. really good hot chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate wedges, and chocolate easter bunnies.

we were there for the last weekend of ice skating in one of their parks, so we went to 80′s night at the ice rink and skated around w/ the swiss.

the whole reason we were in switzerland was because e had a brief pause in her crazy baltic tour. she had been to rome, montenegro, albania, and was getting ready to go to athens. needless to say, it was quite a trip for her. albania? montenegro???

i have a lot of zurich photos that i’ll post later.

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