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when we were walking around zurich i kept seeing these neatly stacked and wrapped piles of paper outside people’s doors. i couldn’t believe how perfectly some of them were assembled. i’ve been recycling paper for a long time and it never looks this organized, and let’s just say that lisbon’s style of recycling is haphazard… at best (things are supposed to be separated into 3 different bags w/ colored ribbons to identify plastic, glass, and paper, but in practice, people just take stuff outside and make piles in certain corners that get cleaned up daily).

so i did a little research and zurich has a pretty strict trash/recycling program where once every 2 weeks paper is picked up for a 3 hour time period in the morning and for trash they have to buy government bags for $5 each and they’re picked up once a week. Apparently they enforce the rules too.

The Zurich trash program employs teams of inspectors who sift through sacks of illegal household garbage, looking for clues as to the culprit. Fines are as much as 260 Swiss francs – and that for a first offense.

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