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a few weeks ago e’s mom was visiting and we went to a town about an hour away named golegã. it’s where they hold the national horse fair. apparently it is quite a big deal, and the main focus is the lusitanian horses. the town is all about horses. the houses in town have barn doors, there are horse signs next to the road signs, all children in public school are taught to ride, and there is a huge riding ring in the center of town.

golegã’s other proud moment in history revolves around portugal’s first photographer, carlos relvas (1838-1894). he built a crazy photo studio which was essentially a glass house with blinds on all of the windows (including the roof) so he could control the amount of light in his portraits. we took a tour of the studio which included a multimedia presentation with a trippy life-size animatronic version of carlos with projected video on his face that was so life-like it freaked a couple of people out.

also of notable relevance: someone who worked at our hotel told us we were the first americans that she had ever met, and the wine from the ribatejo region is good.

here are the photos from golega

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