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this is about hamburger. all hamburger. 

we stumbled onto a shopping mall while wandering around lisbon today. there was a food court, and one of the options was hamburgology (h3). do you think this trend will make it to the US?

click the menu on the right to find your favorite. (mine is the h3 com molho)

2 Comments on “hamburgology”

  1. 1 jay said at 10:56 pm on May 31st, 2009:

    that guy on the right is not psyched about your mulho dis. it’s his mulho.

  2. 2 Eric said at 7:24 am on June 1st, 2009:

    I went to this place in Frankfurt last year called Burgerbar a.k.a. The Laughing Cow (not sure which cow was laughing but probably not the one I ate). I thought Frankfurt would be all about frankfurters. Turns out Frankfurt is all about hamburgers which makes me wonder what Hamburg is all about.

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