extra credit

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the work permit for e was finally finished today so i went with her to the university to pick it up. she met her supervisor for the first time and he invited us to go to a lecture so she could meet some coworkers.

the topic of the lecture was the recent italian earthquake which was fine. the subject was structural engineering, which was probably ok, but it was all in portuguese. all i got was “facade”. oh, and the only free seats were in the front row.

on an unrelated note we made a friend. he was working at a clothing store and wearing a tshirt that had the space needle on it. he was also listening to reggie watts and after talking w/ him we found out that his favorite band was maktub from seattle.

we’re off to the beach tomorrow, it’s supposed to be around 90 again.

Pod pickup take 2

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Our container sitting outside our house was supposed to be picked up yesterday morning but their truck broke? So they’re going to pick it up today… Hopefully. Also, as of tonight we will no longer have an automobile.

It seems that everything involved with moving requires a practice try.

packed pod

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despite the opening being on the wrong side and tightly mushed up to the front bumper of a car and the fact that i had to cut down part of a tree so they could remove the unloader, our pod is packed. pod people, please come and take it away now.


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in 10 days we’re moving to lisbon portugal. we don’t speak portuguese,  we’ve never been to portugal, and i look nothing like a portuguese native. i think it’ll be fun.

the last few days have consisted of packing, visiting government buildings, changing addresses, receiving last minute packages, box hunting, and running stairs in our house. every room of our house looks like it’s barfed all over itself.

i’m planning on taking my computer tower on the plane as a carry-on in a soft sided case, i sure hope that works.

ok bye